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Fujifilm expands its IVD business with the acquisition of Japan's largest provider of veterinary clinical laboratory services, Monolis.

- Entering into the veterinary clinical laboratory outsourcing service business -

July 25, 2016

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it has acquired Monolis Co., Ltd. (Head office in Chofu City, Tokyo; hereinafter “Monolis”), a Japanese outsourcing provider of veterinary clinical laboratory services including blood tests for pets, and launch it as 100% subsidiary called Fujifilm Monolis Co., Ltd. on August 1, 2016. With the acquisition Fujifilm enters into clinical laboratory outsourcing services for animals.

The recent proliferation of nutritionally-balanced pet foods and advancement of medical technologies have prolonged the average life expectancy of pets in Japan. This has caused an increase in pets suffering from age-related conditions such as hormone disorders and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, and it creates demand for checkups for pet's health to detect early signs of illness before full ailment manifests. Blood tests are considered to be an effective means of identifying pets' health conditions at an early stage, as blood is supposed to show early signs of illness.

Monolis provides clinical laboratory services on samples from veterinary hospitals and clinics and boasts the top share in the market in Japan. The company can cater tests that veterinary hospitals cannot carry out with their equipment, including histopathology on sampled animal cells, and is capable of processing a large volume of tests at a peak testing period. In general laboratory testing, it takes about three days from collecting samples and notifying test results, however, Monolis has led the market by taking advantage of its testing and sample collection network based on ten sample collection centers across Japan, which has made it possible to send collected samples to laboratory testing and issue test results all on the same day. The swift turnaround and convenience have attracted praise from veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Fujifilm has provided, through its in-vitro diagnostics (IVD*) business, veterinary IVD equipment and reagents. The latest corporate acquisition allows Fujifilm to expand the scope of the business, covering clinical laboratory outsourcing services for animals. It will make use of Monolis's contact network to gather requests and opinions of veterinary practitioners from a wide range of veterinary hospitals and clinics to explore and develop new testing items for clinically-useful laboratory services. Fujifilm is to also incorporate its medical IT technology to offer convenient services, e.g. using an online system to provide test results to veterinary hospitals and clinics, and building a system that allows pet owners to view their pets' past pathological history in the comfort of their home.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide a wide range of products and services that address the diverse needs of veterinary frontline in its efforts to contribute to streamlining diagnosis and improving the quality of veterinary medicine further.

< Overview of Monolis >

Company name Monolis Co., Ltd.
Establishment date February 21, 1995
Location [Head office] Chofu City, Tokyo. Ten sample collection centers across Japan
Paid-in capital 12 million yen
Number of employees 183
Business description Veterinary clinical laboratory outsourcing services, and marketing of materials for veterinary examinations

< Fujifilm's IVD business >

Fujifilm provides veterinary POCT** systems including the FUJI DRI-CHEM*** automatic biochemical analyzer that handles blood tests easily and swiftly, and the FUJI DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10*4 immunoreaction instrument that can quickly identify hormone imbalances at veterinary hospitals and clinics. In addition, over the last 30 years, the company has globally supplied POCT systems for humans, including the FUJI DRI-CHEM and the FUJI DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AG1*5 infectious disease testing system for swift diagnosis of influenza and other conditions.

  • * IVD stands for “In-Vitro Diagnostics.” It is a testing method that takes in-vivo measurement of blood, urine and other samples, producing results that illustrate almost whole body conditions.
  • ** POCT stands for “Point of Care Testing.” It is a type of testing that is carried out at the point of medical care, using compact analyzers and quick diagnostic kits.
  • *** FUJI DRI-CHEM is a compact and easy-operation analyzer that uses reagent applied to a 1cm2 film base to measure biochemical components of blood serum / plasma, thereby eliminating the need for large and complicated testing apparatus.
  • *4 FUJI DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10, the compact and easy-to-use instrument uses the surface plasmon resonance principle to achieve immunoreaction measurement without the need for large-capacity light sources or complex process of separating antigens bound to antibodies from antigens not bound to antibodies.
  • *5 FUJI DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AG1 combines the conventional immuno-chromatographic method with Fujifilm's silver amplification technology, developed in its photographic film business, to substantially improve virus detection sensitivity.

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