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Dave Kai Piper

Photographer's Bio

A few years ago Ideas and Images were set up to offer Fashion based Portraiture to a wide range of clients and customers. Dave Kai Piper has written for a wide range of blogs and magazines about photography and post processing

About this Project

We were asked to design, shoot and prepare a fashion of images to test and showcase the new F2.8 constant, mid zoom lens from Fuji.

We did two shoots while testing out the new lens, the first shoot we put together we used the stunning Kenilworth Castle as a stunning background for Bronte and Luke as we shot a festive theme fashion story. The second shoot was much simpler in design and nature. My good friend Jodi and I just grabbed the camera, headed to a shop, picked up some fun items and we had a simple shoot challenge. We had £40 to spend and challenged ourselves to shoot with in the hour on the budget and get 8 images.

We shot beauty, landscape, fashion, city and all sorts of styles. From big planned out shots at Kenilworth to just grabbing and going. The lens was perfect and gave me so much confidence to walk into any situation and deal with it. The lens is just as sharp wide open and clean to the edges giving me confidence to creatively work. When you are shooting with a good lens you forget it is there and become an extension of your camera and becomes part of the flow.

Image quality is of course important and the lens delivers to a point where every image you take you know is going to be sharp, in focus and be just the way you want it. The lens gives a wonderful tone and it is super easy to play with the depth of the images with the fact that this is a constant F2.8 lens.

Styling & Creative Credits:

  • Photographer: Dave Kai Piper
  • Styling: Ideas & Images
  • Make up & Grooming: Penny Grimley using MAC make up
  • Location: Kenilworth Castle with thanks to English Heritage
  • Assistants: Matthew Maddock & Darren Lee
  • Models: Luke Grimley @ W Athletic, Bronte Sumner @ Boss Management , Jodi Lakin @ Alan Sharman
  • Camera: Signature Fujifilm X-Pro Cameras
  • Bags: Domke Camera bags

Photographer's Testimonial

Personally, Fuji have done an amazing job and continue to do an amazing job with extending the range of lenses opening up the X-System to many different photographers who all have different needs. I have both the 16-55mm & 18-55mm mid zooms and both are very good lenses but are made for different uses. While the focal lengths might be the same that is about the only thing that joins the lenses. The 16-55mm is designed to be the best the lens it can be and does carry the properties that come with a lens designed to be perfect optically. Being a constant F2.8 lens will affect the price, weight & size, these are important, but after the optical quality of the lens. The 18-55mm has been designed to balance out the needs of all users making a smaller lighter around package.

Photographer's Work