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4K-compatible broadcast zoom lenses
“FUJINON UA18x5.5”,“ FUJINON UA14x4.5” and “FUJINON UA27x6.5”

Introducing compact and lightweight wide-angle / ultra wide-angle portable lenses and a 27x studio lens to expand the lineup to 7 models, catering to the needs of 4K video production

April 06, 2017

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is adding three new models to its UA Series of 4K broadcast lenses. The compact and lightweight portable zoom lenses, FUJINON UA 18x5.5 (“UA18x5.5”) and FUJINON UA 14x4.5 (“UA14x4.5”), will be released in late April, 2017, while the 27x studio zoom lens, FUJINON UA 27x6.5 (“UA27x6.5”), is scheduled for release in late June, 2017.
The “UA18x5.5” covers the focal lengths of 5.5mm - 100mm to capture a wide range of scenes. The “UA14x4.5” is an ultra wide angle lens covering the focal lengths of 4.5mm-63mm, putting you right in the midst of action. The “UA27x6.5” is a 27x zoom lens that covers the focal lengths of 6.5mm - 180mm for versatility.
The addition of the latest three models expands Fujifilm's 4K broadcast lens lineup to 7 models in total, catering to the growing global needs for 4K video production.

[Photo]“FUJINON UA18x5.5” / “FUJINON UA14x4.5” / “FUJINON UA27x6.5”

The demand of 4K-compatible broadcast equipment is spreading rapidly in Japan, Europe, North America, etc. for live broadcast of sporting events such as soccer and golf tournaments, as well as the production of dramas, documentaries and other genres of programs, produced both in studio and outdoors.
Fujifilm released the world's first 4K-compatible broadcast lens in 2015, and already offers four broadcast lens models worldwide in response to the expansion of the 4K broadcast market. The company's lenses are used in a wide range of applications in recognition of their premium image quality and superior operability.

The new “UA18x5.5,” “UA14x4.5” and “UA27x6.5” broadcast zoom lenses, being released now, deliver 4K quality across their zoom ranges by preventing resolution degradation around the edges and controlling all types of aberrations.
The “UA18x5.5” and “UA14x4.5” are portable lenses with compact and lightweight bodies for advanced mobility. With the recent market introduction of compact and lightweight “4K camcorders,” these lenses will accommodate an increasing number of videographers who shoot while carrying 4K equipment on their shoulder. While the “UA18x5.5” weighs 2.04kg, it covers focal lengths from 5.5mm on the wide angle end to 100mm on the telephoto end, making it useful for production situations that require added mobility, e.g. news reporting and on-location production for various programs. The “UA14x4.5” covers the ultra wide angle focal length of 4.5mm despite its compact body, measuring just 238.5mm, allowing you to go up close and personal during live sport coverage or on-location production with a real sense of depth.
The “UA27x6.5” is a 4K-compatible 27x zoom lens, perfect for in-studio applications for news and variety shows. With the wide-angle focal length of 6.5mm, it can also be used to give a full view of a concert venue in live coverage. The “UA27x6.5” has a built-in extender*, which doubles its focal lengths, covering up to 360mm in focal length while maintaining image quality in advanced definition.

FUJINON lenses by Fujifilm are known for high quality eloquent images, and have been used in the production of movies, TV programs and commercials around the world. Fujifilm will continue to tap into its optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies that have been nurtured over many years in the field of cutting-edge video expression, to further expand and enhance its product lineup, thereby addressing the diversifying needs of broadcast production.
These three models will be on display at the NAB 2017 exhibition of broadcasting equipment, to be held in Las Vegas from April 24 to 27, 2017.

  • * Lens designed to extend focal length

1. Product name, release date and price

Product name Release date Price
Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON UA18x5.5BE” Scheduled for release in late April, 2017 Open
Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON UA14x4.5BE”
Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON UA27x6.5BE” Scheduled for release in late June, 2017

2. Product features

<Common features of the three models>

[1] Advanced optical performance with 4K compatibility across the zoom range

Fujifilm's proprietary “HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)” multi-layer coating is applied for a high level of transmittance and color reproducibility. Latest optical simulation technology has been used in optical design to prevent resolution degradation around the edges and control all types of aberrations, so as to achieve 4K image quality across the zoom range.

[2] Achieving natural bokeh with the adoption of nine aperture blades

An aperture shape close to that of a circle is achieved by adopting nine aperture blades, allowing for footage expressions making use of a more natural bokeh.

<Features specific to individual models>

(1) FUJINON UA18x5.5BE

[1] Compact and lightweight design, weighing just 2kg

This compact and lightweight 4K zoom lens, weighing just 2.04kg, is perfectly suited in production situations that demand mobility, e.g. news reporting and on-location production of various programs.

[2] 18x zoom covering a wide range of scenes from 5.5mm at wide angle to 100mm at telephoto

The lens covers the focal length range from 5.5mm at wide angle to 100mm at telephoto, boasting advanced operability and mobility in a wide range of scenes from TV production and news reporting both indoors and outdoors. It also has a minimum object distance of just 0.4m**.

  • ** Distance from the front element of the lens

(2) FUJINON UA14x4.5BE

[1] Compact and lightweight body, measuring 238.5mm

This wide angle 4K zoom lens has a compact body, measuring just 238.5mm, catering to a wide variety of production situations including live sports coverage and TV production both on location and indoors.

[2] 4K image quality in a variety of situations

Taking advantage of its ultra wide angle focal length of 4.5mm, the lens can capture 4K footage with a real sense of depth in live sport coverage and on-location TV production. The close-up capability with the minimum object distance of 0.3m means the lens can be used in space constraints, e.g. in small rooms.

[3] Controlling distortions and aberrations at edges

Optical technology, nurtured over many years in the cutting-edge video field, has been used to control distortions and aberrations at edges.

(3) FUJINON UA27x6.5BE

[1] 27x zoom from 6.5mm at wide angle to 180mm at telephoto for covering a wide variety of scenes

The 27x lens, covering 6.5mm at wide angle to 180mm at telephoto, is perfect for studio work including news, variety shows and music production. It delivers 4K definition in a multitude of situations, e.g. giving a full view of a concert venue in live coverage.

[2] Maximum aperture ratio of f1.5 to draw out full optical performance with 4K compatibility

This model uses a large-diameter lens with the maximum aperture ratio of f1.5 to draw out full optical performance with 4K compatibility.

[3] Equipped with 16-bit encoder***

The lens comes with the 16-bit encoder, capable of making a high-resolution output of lens data including zoom and focal position information. It can be linked with various other systems such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action footage.

  • *** The sensor for converting position information into digital signals; Zoom and focus position data is divided in 16-bit resolution and output as electric signals.

3. Main specifications

Model Name UA18x5.5BE UA14x4.5BE UA27x6.5BE
Camera specifications 2/3-inch sensor Bayonet-mount cameras
Focal length 1x 5.5mm -100mm 4.5mm - 63mm 6.5mm -180mm
2x 11mm - 200mm 9mm - 126mm 13mm -360mm
Zoom ratio 18x 14x 27x
Extender 2x 2x 2x
Maximum aperture ratio 1:1.8 (5.5mm - 62mm)
1:2.9 (100mm)
1:1.8 (4.5mm - 41mm)
1:2.8 (63mm)
1:1.5 (6.5mm -123mm)
1:2.2 (180mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D) from the front lens element 0.4m 0.3m 0.6m
Subject dimensions
(at the M.O.D)
[Horizontal x Vertical]
1x 5.5mm   800mm x 450mm
100mm   44mm x 25mm
4.5mm   744mm x 418mm
63mm   51mm x 29mm
6.5mm   1063 x 597mm
180mm   38 x 21mm
2x 11mm   395mm x 222mm
200mm   22mm x 12mm
9mm   365mm x 205mm
126mm   27mm x 15mm
13mm   529 x 297mm
360mm   20 x 11mm
Angle of view
[Horizontal x Vertical]
1x 5.5mm   82.2° x 52.2°
100mm   5.5° x 3.1°
4.5mm   93.6° x 61.8°
63mm   8.7° x 4.9°
6.5mm   72.8° x 45.0°
180mm   3.1° x 1.7°
2x 11mm   47.1° x 27.5°
200mm   2.7° x 1.5°
9mm   56.1° x 33.3°
126mm   4.4° x 2.5°
13mm   40.5° x 23.4°
360mm   1.5° x 0.9°
Filter thread size M127 x 0.75 (A filter is to be attached to the lens hood.) -
Dimensions (approx.) Φ95 x 240.5mm (Φ x Full length) Φ95 x 238.5mm (Φ x Full length) 258mm x 264mm x 536mm (H x W x L)
Weight (approx.) 2.04kg (without the lens hood) 2.21kg (without the lens hood) 22.8kg

Product Images

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